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Jennifer Price is the founder of A Natural State of Being, and is a Nationally Certified, NH Licensed

Massage Therapist. She is an active professional member of the American Massage Therapy

Association. Jenn received her massage therapy training at North Eastern Institute for Whole Health in

Manchester, New Hampshire and has been practicing in the Seacoast area since 2002.

Jenn originated and developed the natural release and realignment technique she applies during

bodywork sessions. This technique unwinds physical and energetic restrictions and strain patterns,

thus creating space for movement and change within the body.

Unwinding soft connective tissue structures in the body has been an evolutionary process for Jenn.

It requires special attention to the differences in each individual’s natural state of being. Sensing the

details of the body takes focused concentration and an understanding of how the structures of the body

are supposed to feel for that individual. The ability to observe and perceive the subtle nuances of an

individual’s body, and to make adjustments accordingly, is the heart of Jenn’s work.

“My life’s work is to realign a person’s natural energy flow with his or her body’s structural integrity.”

             –– Jennifer Price

Subsequent to developing the natural release and realignment technique, a subtle and very powerful energetic technique Jenn calls Energetic Rewiring emerged. This method specifically aligns an individual’s energetic makeup with his or her structural nature. It rewires and realigns energetic malfunctions or disconnects in the body’s electrical system. Working with this

method has been fascinating, intriguing, and inspiring for Jenn. 

In Jenn’s private time, she attends silent retreats and personal spiritual pilgrimages. This quiet time allows her to connect with Spirit and rebalance her energy. This is essential for Jenn, as it is the foundation from which she works.

Jenn has also pursued training and certification in other alternative energy techniques. She has been a Usui-Tibetan Reiki master since 1994, and a Oneness Blessing giver since 2008.