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What can I say about Jenn Price and the experience I had with her Rewiring Method?

It was truly life changing for me. Realizing there was energy collected in my facial tissue that needed to be released was enlightening, but when Jenn worked on me I felt a solid release I had been longing for a long while. With the distinct movement of her fingers combined with her intuition, she was guided directly (without me saying a word) to the exact location that had been bothering me.  The emotional release along with the energetic was what my physical body needed.

Since the disconnect, release of the dysfunctional energy and energetic rewiring, I have been very different in my work. Being an energy worker myself, it’s vital for me to be balanced and grounded. Jenn’s technique did just that. I feel more planted for sure and have a calm peace of mind.

I refer many of my clients to Jenn knowing this rewiring technique she is guided in is exactly what they need to disconnect from emotion and dysfunctional energy stuck in their physical tissue.

What a gift to not only have her intuitive abilities, but to combine them with the physical body is a gift to us all.

My love and gratitude,

Rachael Bleau

February 2012